Look, Listen, Act

In the first portion of the Book of Exodus, in a seemingly ordinary desert setting, God tells Moses to remove his shoes. “You are on holy ground,” God says. The text doesn’t say: ‘because you are approaching holy ground’. How can that be?  Because  Moses is already there.

We can easily miss where we are, trapped instead by the anticipation of or anxiety over what is coming. We are already here; in every moment, there are opportunities for holiness and connection.

Already here, as we enter Shabbat, –

Pausing, to listen to the sounds around us….

The whir of the heat,

The breath of the person next to us,

The rustle of papers

The opening and closing of doors,

The patter of footsteps people arriving.


Now listening more deeply– to the sounds within us…..

The whir of thoughts,

The beating of your own heart,

The rustle of our own concerns, beliefs and distractions,

The opening and closing of minds,

The patter of our own stories.

Watch. Look. Listen. Sit with your own experience of today, of this week. Just be, on Shabbat – only then can we can discern what our actions can and must be.