Experiences of T’shuvah

Elul 26/September 1, 2013—  “The world is mistaken when it thinks that t’shuvah [repentance] is only for sins. True t’shuvah is from the expression ‘and the spirit shall return [yashuv] to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7).’ T’shuvah is a thirsty soul’s longing to connect to its Source. With this in mind, t’shuvah becomes an exciting and joyous experience, rather than one just of bitterness and remorse, because there is nothing more gratifying than returning to your true self.”

(Likutei Torah, Ha’azinu)

For reflection: This is not about pointing a finger at those who may have hurt you, or beating yourself up about all that you have done wrong. At its source, repentance is about returning to the best that is in you, that is in each of us. What can you do today to be in touch with your ‘best self’?


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