The Power of T’shuvah

Elul 9/August 15, 2013

As for the wicked man, if he should return from all his sins that he committed and guard all my decrees, and do justice and righteousness, he shall surely live, he shall not die. All his transgressions which he committed will not be remembered against him….Do I then desire the death of the wicked, says God, the Eternal God, is it not rather his return from his ways, that he may live?                                                                               

(Ezekiel 18)

For reflection: Judaism’s powerful notion that sin does not blacken our soul points here to the healing nature of returning to our best self.  We truly and fully live when we turn toward righteousness.  From what will you turn away today that darkens your spirit? To what will you begin turning to embrace a truth that you may have avoided?


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