Don’t Talk When People Can’t Hear You

Elul 7/August 13, 2013—  Rabbi Shimon ben Eleazar says: Do not appease your fellow in the time of his anger; do not console him while his dead lies before him; do not question him about his vow at the time he makes it; and do not attempt to see him at the time of his disgrace.

(Pirkei Avot 4:23)

For reflection: While you are doing the work of t’shuvah, there will be times that you are prepared to ask for forgiveness from others. Be sure that they are in a space of responsiveness to hear your request so that it will not be in vain. We all know that when we are distracted by difficulties, sadness, anger or humiliation, we do not hear or see clearly. This is an opportunity for you to be aware of your own listening capabilities as well.


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