Eye Trouble

 Parashat Re’eh – This week I am having some eye trouble.  An eye infection, which is causing some pain and limited vision, but it is treatable.    But what about when our eyes are spiritually infected?  When we see only the difficulties, the troubles, the wrongs done to us, the victims we let ourselves become.  Then our vision of the world is limited and negative – and there is no room for blessing. We are consigned to Mount Eval, rather than being able to stand on Mount Gerizim, to inhale the sweetness of life’s blessing and goodness. 

This Shabbat, may I find the courage and strength for clear vision, beyond the limitations of my eyes.


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  1. Dan Persoff
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 06:23:30

    I hope that you are feeling better soon. It is interesting that you are using eyes to talk about feelings. Last night I was at services and I noticed that something was different: my eyes were different. Previously when you were leading the service, it was so touching that tears would come to my eyes. Last night: nothing. I am hoping that you will post on this site when you are going to conduct a service as there is a difference!


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